Best Custom Made Shoes in Sharjah


Entering a custom-fitted pair of shoes is like stepping into a legacy of exceptional craftsmanship that spans generations. No matter the occasion, be it a critical meeting or a black-tie event, the appropriate pair of customized shoes effortlessly elevates your entire appearance. At Penguin, we understand that your tailored style is not complete until you slip into a pair of bespoke leather shoes. Thus, we are proud to collaborate with TLB to produce breathtaking, yet comfortable, hand-made men’s footwear.

The perfect fit is where it all begins.

The process of creating custom shoes starts with a focus on obtaining the ideal fit. During the consultation, our in-house expert assesses the client’s foot, and utilizing exact measurements, our shoe artisans meticulously shape the foot’s contour by hand to guarantee a perfect fit for your custom-made shoes. Employing the Goodyear welting method, our shoes are double-stitched by hand to unite the leather, insole, and outer sole. This traditional technique ensures exceptional durability, remarkable comfort, and insulation that gradually conforms to the shape of each foot.

With every aspect taken into account, the craftsmen embark on the time-honored tradition of transforming naturally sourced materials into works of ultimate refinement. Our custom-made shoes, designed for both comfort and style, are crafted from the finest leather and materials available, and are tailored to not only meet your needs but also reflect your personal preferences.

Materials sourced with meticulous attention to detail

We take advantage of our well-established relationships with reputable tanneries globally to handpick materials from the finest leathers in the market. Our brand partners at TLB work exclusively with leather tanned through traditional techniques, primarily calfskin sourced from the premier French and Italian tanneries. Any defects found are meticulously marked during inspection, and the leather is disqualified for use in TLB Mallorca’s production process.

Our custom-made shoe trees are specifically crafted and can be pre-ordered to preserve the unique shape and structure throughout a lifetime of wear. Each pair of shoes we create is a testament to the intrinsic connection between the material, conventional hand tools, and the unparalleled expertise of the craftsman.

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Custom Made Leather Shoes

At the core of the shoe-making process is the collaboration between the client and the skilled artisans who bring every aspect of the process to life. Through our partnership with TLB, our custom shoe makers proudly combine a rich heritage of expertise and craftsmanship with modern innovation, keeping the spirit of bespoke alive in the contemporary world. The TLB production process is managed by a team of talented artisans who meticulously craft each custom-made shoe through over 150 steps to achieve perfection.

We take great pride in upholding the tradition of craftsmanship. Upon presentation, you will instantly appreciate that each pair of our custom-made leather shoes is the result of generations of tradition, techniques, and a deep devotion to the craft by the artisans.

Along with our custom shoe options, we also offer a collection of ready-to-wear leather shoes in a range of sizes. Our in-house collection of over 25 unique styles is designed and crafted by the experienced artisans of TLB and undergoes the same intricate design process as our bespoke offerings.

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How much does a custom shoe cost?

Our custom shoes range from 1,545 AED to 2,600 AED.

How to care for a custom shoe so it lasts longer?

You can do the following in order to care for your custom shoes and ensure it lasts longer:
– Polish your shoes routinely
– Replace the soles once they wear down
– Change the laces when needed

What’s special about customized shoes?

The following factors make customized shoes special:

  • – You can choose the shoe style
  • – You can choose the type of leather for the shoe
  • – You can choose the exact tone & color of the shoe.
  • – You can choose the exact size of the shoe in terms of the length and width. For example size 10.5 and Width EE

How long does a customized pair of shoes last?

A well made and well maintained pair of shoes should last the owner over 10 years, however there are some care instructions one must follow.